When you think of precision fabrication and custom parts manufacturing, the first thing that may come to mind are machined aluminum or plastic injected parts.  But there’s SO much more…


Essential Parts for Essential Products

There are just so many types of parts that are in the build-up of aircraft and spacecraft, automobiles, industrial machinery, medical and scientific devices, and specialty electronics products.  Beyond the parts that we commonly think of being fabricated are other essentials to the construction of some of the most important products and machines on Earth.  Parts that are often small and unseen, parts that are sometimes simple or strange – but parts that are always important and never unnecessary for the desired application.  (Imagine a turbine engine fuel control without gaskets, for example!)  And it’s the broad market demand for those kinds of essential parts that creates a niche for custom parts manufacturing specialists like KLINGER IGI.

KLINGER IGI: Where Experience and Expertise Intersect

KLINGER IGI is an AS9100D, ISO 9001:2015, and ITAR registered build-to-print production company, specializing in precision material conversion and custom cut 2D and 3D parts for OE and Tier 1 manufacturers serving highly regulated industries. Our experience in fabricating a wide range of parts from a broad range of standard and specialty materials helps KLINGER IGI customers achieve the design and production goals for their innovative products. Some of the custom parts that KLINGER IGI produces will perform critical functions like thermal interface, EMI/RFI shielding, vibration and acoustic dampening, and industrial gasketing and sealing.  These parts are often found in aircraft cabins and cockpits, fuel and hydraulic systems, medical diagnostic machines, power generation facilities, and much more.


Comprehensive Portfolio of Fabrication Equipment

To make these parts, we maintain a comprehensive portfolio of fabrication equipment  that includes high-speed die-cutting presses, water jets, laser cutters, CNC knife (flash) cutters, routers, and slitters. Klinger IGI’s production facility and Corporate office are in Wilsonville, Oregon, just a few miles south of Portland. From that location, we serve customers in highly regulated industries within the Pacific Northwest, Southwest and Rocky Mountain regions. We also have an international presence, routinely exporting production to several Asia Pacific countries.

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