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Securing the Supply Chain: The Case for Domestic Manufacturing

The Case for Domestic Manufacturing   The US aerospace and defense industries face unprecedented challenges, from unstable supply chains to escalating geopolitical tensions. For years, these challenges have threatened delivery and price of materials and products.  Increasingly, supply chains and their sources are being objectively recognized for the additional threats they impart to domestic manufacturing. …
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Visit Us At PNAA Advance 2024 Conference & Expo

Learn About Materials And Precision Parts Manufacturing For Aerospace Products From Top Build-To-Print Manufacturers At The PNAA ADVANCE Conference On February 5-8, 2024, join PNAA members and exhibitors at the Annual PNAA ADVANCE Aerospace Conference which will provide a great venue to learn more about the rapidly changing aerospace industry. The PNAA ADVANCE 2024 Conference…
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Three key trends the manufacturing industry faces in 2022, and – beyond – Part III: The rising cost and tight supply of labor

A tight labor market has led to an expected increase in labor costs. Year over year increases to wages and benefits are roughly double what they were in 2020. Referencing the same JP Morgan business outlook survey, 70% of the respondents said that recruitment and retention constituted their second largest concern behind inflation. We concur…
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