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Trends in Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical devices manufacturing is changing, fueled by a surge in demand and a pressing need for innovation. Scaling up often requires investing in new equipment and technology to increase production capacity and efficiency. At KLINGER IGI, we continue to add advanced precision fabrication machinery to build parts like thermal interface materials, gaskets and seals, and…
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The Emergence of Electric Vehicles and Opportunities for Manufacturers

The Rise of Electric Vehicles and Manufacturer Prospects As consumer preferences lean increasingly towards cleaner, more efficient vehicles, the EV market is experiencing unprecedented growth. Traditional auto giants and emerging startups alike are retooling for electric production. This market segment represents a significant opportunity for innovation and growth — a space where KLINGER IGI’s expertise…
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AI in Manufacturing Contracts: Leveraging Efficiency Without Losing Human Oversight

There may be advantages to using artificial intelligence (AI) for speedy data analysis when comparing contract terms against an organization’s objectives. However, AI solutions are not a substitute for the human eyes who should be reviewing and negotiating contracts. A recent article from Supply Chain Brain titled “AI Technology Ensures Supply Chain Integrity Beyond the…
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