CNC routers used in KLINGER IGI's router cutting services can make 2D and 3D parts from most types of plastics, woods, foams and non-ferrous metals.

KLINGER IGI's CNC routers cut custom parts by using precision drives with variable speed rotational heads that run exchangeable cutting bits and tools.

Accordingly, each tool is selected to achieve the desired cutting shape, dimension, and edge finish on the material being cut.  Often, router heads are combined with knife cutting heads to perform multiple operations on the same material at the same work center (cutting table).

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There are several advantages a CNC router enjoys over other processes used to cut rigid and semi-rigid materials.

For example, routers can cut almost any material in myriad complex shapes while maintaining high precision (up to +/- .002), minimizing material waste, and achieving superior edge quality that doesn't require secondary finishing.  Another advantage is that finer edge finishes are achieved using a selection of precision milling bits, thus avoiding striation common to waterjet cutting or chipping common to die cutting. And there is also no deformation or wetting of the material as the material is being drilled or milled.    Plus, 3D shapes can be machined from a single material stock.

Because KLINGER IGI's CNC router cutting services help customers achieve greater precision in part fabrication plus higher production speeds, you'll find that work center in high demand.

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