Quality Assurance

As an AS9100 quality manufacturer of custom parts, KLINGER IGI’s quality, safety and sustainability commitments become deliverables you receive in both our products and our business relationships.


Meeting customer quality and compliance expectations is something that we build into each item KLINGER IGI produces and ships. Since first becoming ISO 9001 certified in 2009, our manufacturing facilities continue to achieve and sustain high performance ratings with our customers that manufacture or assemble electronics, aerospace, medical device and scientific instrument, marine, and other industrial products. And to better serve customers who supply components to the world's top commercial, military and business aircraft manufacturers, KLINGER IGI became AS9100D quality certified in 2018.

Our AS9100D quality certification demonstrates our compliance with the elevated quality standard for aviation, space, and defense industries. This certification accompanies our ISO 9001:2015 certification. Both awards testify to the company’s ability to precision fabricate high-tech parts for mission-critical assemblies in highly regulated industries.



The products KLINGER IGI builds are often enabling some demanding product use scenario involving extreme temperatures, pressures, emissions, actuations and more. As a consequence, there is no margin for error in material and fabricated goods quality. Because one expects this of an AS9100 quality certified manufacturer, our team members frequently engage their new product introduction (NPI) and production counterparts. And our application team backs them up by assuring that material selection, precision conversion and inspection processes are oriented toward satisfying customer needs.

While repeatable production of tight tolerance items like thermal gap pads and EMI/RFI shields is necessary, product delivery times must be repeatable as well. The Quality Management System (QMS) we employ drives both of those outcomes. This QMS follows prevailing international standards, and in its implementation demonstrates its robustness and value by advancing the success and satisfaction of KLINGER IGI’s clients.

Aviation and Aerospace - AS9100 Quality Certified Supplier


While QMS certification is obviously a large investment in expense and time, the benefits continue to outweigh all costs. Formal AS certification, for example, affirms that our QMS – including its processes and working methods – is compliant with an elevated quality standard that is recognized around the world. Customers who accept that standard are generally more confident in entering into a new relationship, thus accelerating business development efforts, thus aiding the achievement of customer growth plans. Afterward, the security value of choosing an AS9100D quality certified manufacturer shows in the actions of building and delivering as promised and as per a QMS.

In short, our QMS certifications serve as markers of trust as well as an impetus for increased business productivity.