Extrusion is a manufacturing process used to create solid, hollow, or open-sided objects of a fixed cross-sectional profile.  KLINGER IGI offers a range of extruded rubber products to accompany its offering of extruded silicone and EMI/RFI seals.


A wide variety of extruded rubber products like gaskets and seals can be formed when the raw material is pushed through a custom die of the desired cross-section.

Rubber extrusion is a high-volume fabrication process in which raw natural or synthetic rubber material is melted and formed into a continuous profile.  Extrusion produces industrial and commercial items such as pipes and tubes, window gaskets and seals, weatherstripping, sheeting, coatings, and wire insulation.  Since KLINGER IGI is a build-to-print manufacturer, many other specialty parts and end products are candidates for extrusion.

Besides rubber, KLINGER IGI can source plastic and metal extrusions (commonly aluminum) through our ISO qualified network of subcontractor partners.  Depending on the material selected and part geometry, tolerances as tight as .005” are achievable.


Extruded Rubber Products | Window Gaskets & Seals | KLINGER IGI

These extruded parts can be as simple as o-ring cord stock, U channel window gaskets and D, P, and T shaped door seals.

They can also be as complex as specialty EMI and RFI gaskets made of electrically-conductive silicone rubber or sponge.  This flexibility in fabrication is one of the reasons that extrusions are popular in new electronics, aerospace, and medical and scientific instrument designs.

The final form of the extruded material can be a straight length, a continuous coil, or a specialized part that is created by cutting and joining the materials post-process.  For example, we routinely sell window, door, and manway gaskets of various dimensions and durometer (or shore).  These extruded rubber products are custom built from an extruded elastomeric material, then cut to dimension, and then vulcanized at joints or corners to seamlessly join the material, thereby creating a complete and uniform part.

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