KLINGER IGI's precision fabricated products are found in military aircraft, vehicles, and ships that must reliably operate in intense environmental and combat conditions in service to our nation.

The wrong material selection can lead to (literally) explosive situations. KLINGER IGI fabricates gasket solutions that are carefully crafted to meet the operational performance needs of defense aircraft, missiles, ships, and mechanized weapons systems.

As an ITAR registered domestic manufacturer, we support Department of Defense contracts for the precision fabrication of high performance gaskets and seals.  These products are commonly used in military propulsion systems, hydraulic systems, electronics controls and displays, weapons delivery systems and many other critical applications.

KLINGER IGI is an AS9100D quality certified supplier of aircraft parts to the defense industry.
KLINGER IGI manufactures custom gaskets and seals for defense aerospace applications.
KLINGER IGI is an AS9100D quality certified manufacturer of custom gaskets for defense aerospace applications.

As an AS9100D quality certified manufacturer of parts used in defense aerospace applications, KLINGER IGI fabricates gaskets and seals to both custom design specifications and MIL-SPEC/MIL-STD.

You'll often find these precision fabrication, cut parts performing sealing, vibration management, acoustic dampening, electronics and radiation emissions, and other mission critical functions in chassis, airframe, propulsion, hydraulic, electronic, missile, environmental, and weapons systems.  OE and Tier 1 manufacturers to the defense industry rely upon KLINGER IGI to deliver specialty sealing products for challenging applications in the land, on the water, in the air, and in space.  Here's why.  We can quickly access an extensive range of engineered raw materials in stock and from our portfolio of qualified suppliers.  We then convert those materials rapidly into parts for critical applications, and offer high level certifications and representations as necessary to assure the origin, proper manufacture, and durability of the items delivered.

If you would like more information about our qualifications as a supplier subcontractor for defense contracts, please contact us.

Our application engineering and sales team members are ready to assist you in understanding our capabilities to provide a full range of high performance custom fabricated parts like gaskets, seals, dampers, washers, and much more.

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