Knife Cutting

Also known as dieless cutting or flash cutting, CNC knife cutting is used in Klinger IGI's flash cutting services to create precision cut parts without the attending cost of a steel rule die.

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The knife cutter's vacuum table holds materials firmly in place, while exchangeable tools attach to pneumatic, electric, and rotary heads to cut the materials with precision and speed.

KLINGER IGI's flash cutting services use computer-controlled knife cutting tables to increase production capabilities while eliminating the cost and complexity that accompanies the manufacture, management and storage of steel rule cutting dies or flat/rotary cutting tools. Additionally, a significant increase in production flexibility can be achieved through a knife cutter’s ability to cut a variety of materials to tight tolerances in a rapid fashion – with minimal setup time in-between cutting jobs.

Knife cutters, also commonly called flash cutters or dieless cutters, can accept a wide range of material types, sizes, and formats on their cutting surface.

The cutting surface supports static or conveyor operation, so stock can be manually placed or automatically fed to the cutting heads as job requirements determine. The range of configurations and accessories on KLINGER IGI knife cutter heads make this manufacturing system perfect for flash cutting services, facilitating conversion of a wide range of materials into custom parts.  Common materials cut with such precision and speed by the knife cutters include:

  • Compressed fiber
  • Foam
  • Rubber
  • Composites
  • Plastics and Acrylics
  • Flat and Corrugated Paper
  • Technical Fabrics and Textiles
  • Upholstery
  • Laminated and Adhesive-Backed Stock
  • And more...

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