The KLINGER IGI factories employ a variety of advanced manufacturing machinery that can convert your idea into a product – whether by an additive process (like 3D printing), or a precision cutting process (like waterjetting), or a subtractive process (like machining and routing).


KLINGER IGI’s prototyping interest is focused on winning your production work for the prototyped product.

As such, we are not a quick-turn ‘proto’ house.  What we are is a dependable design for manufacturing (DFM) resources to our customers. By dedicating a portion of our manufacturing capacity to prototyping, we are able to deliver excellent service to a customer's new product design team while concurrently supporting the needs of the customer's production team for other parts that already went through the prototype-to-production process and are now being expertly and cost-effectively fabricated.  This close working relationship with designers and buyers results in an intimate knowledge of our customer's unique engineering and supply chain concerns, which we then apply to support a successful product introduction and production launch.  The attentiveness, responsiveness, and quality experienced in the prototyping phase thus translate seamlessly to the production phase.

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Take design ideas from prototype to production with ONE company.

Our primary goal in serving a prototype customer is to take a design idea from prototype to production. We do this in an efficient and cost effective manner that results in production volume for KLINGER IGI plus product success and satisfaction for our customers.

Those outcomes are accomplished by our sales and application team members working closely with our customer’s new product introduction (NPI) engineers and buyers – while concurrently supporting the customer’s production buyers with their expanded requirements for volume, cost, delivery, and more.

In short, KLINGER IGI can benefit customers best when we are tied into their processes of selecting materials and sources, identifying fabrication methods, and analyzing cost factors to achieve a piece price target. From Bill of Materials (BOM) and Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) to any Non-Reoccurring Costs (NRE) and Specialized Quality Inspections (FAIR, AS9102, PPAP, etc.), KLINGER IGI can help you understand the many considerations in finalizing your part for production release.

Contact us to learn more about what we can do to be your preferred source for pre-production and production work.

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