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Kitting and assembly services are value added manufacturing services offered by KLINGER IGI to its parts fabrication customers.


Many of our customers use our kitting and assembly services to achieve benefits in convenience and cost.

If you're an OE or Tier 1 manufacturer with labor-intensive assembly processes that challenge your staff’s time or department’s budget, consider that KLINGER IGI offers outsourcing solutions so you can improve focus on your core business.

Because we manufacture a variety of cut parts like gaskets, washers, and spacers, we are often contracted to create kits consisting of those parts.  We can package the cut parts we fabricate into shrink-wrapped, bagged, or boxed kits that can be easily stocked and distributed.  These kits can be created in-line as parts are fabricated on the production line, or can later be put together from a customer's inventory that we manage at one of our manufacturing sites.  Such value added kitting and assembly services could help you better utilize your precious human resources and gain cost savings.

Our kitting and assembly services are as varied as the parts we custom fabricate.

Kitting services oftentimes accompany our customer parts fabrication activities.  For example, we will assemble several sizes of gaskets, o-rings, washers, or other cut parts into a single package to create a specialized overhaul or repair kit for an OE customer's industrial motors and pumps.

If you have designed a product that you'd like cut to specification and afterward packaged in a special way for your desired purposes, KLINGER IGI can offer that additional service at an affordable rate in consideration of the parts production business you've awarded us.

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