KLINGER IGI manufactures a wide range of custom-sized high pressure and high temperature gaskets and seals for the energy supply and power generation industries.

High temperature gaskets and seals are only a couple of the products we build to meet the customized sealing demands of refineries, power plants, and other energy supply, storage, and transmission facilities.

The products KLINGER IGI delivers are designed to perform in the harsh operating conditions of fossil fuel and nuclear power generating stations, offshore rigs, refineries, and other supply and generation facilities.  We routinely supply high temperature gaskets and seals, expansion joints, and other fluid and gas control parts that safely seal pipes, vessels, and tanks to prevent leaks and contamination.  And as a top material converter and precision parts fabricator, we have the advanced machinery and material access to build custom parts to print specification.

Besides supporting those conventional energy sources with cut parts, we offer various solutions to the wind turbine and solar industries.  Solutions range from thermal management and EMI shielding of components to environmental sealing of equipment.  Because we are experts in fabricating electronics parts for the computer and aerospace industries, we can competently solve alternative energy industry challenges.

KLINGER IGI fabricates a multitude of cut parts like high temperature gaskets and seals for refineries and power plants.  We custom cut parts from a wide variety of composite, plastic, rubber, foam or elastomeric materials are chosen for their suitability for applications that demand mechanical longevity and performance in environmental extremes. For example, KLINGER IGI can deliver various gaskets, seals, rubber strips and rings (with or without adhesive) for installation on wind turbine nacelles. We also custom cut gaskets of various material compositions for use in access doors or seals between major components (such as between a foundation and tower, or between the nacelle/generator and tower).

So, regardless of the industry you’re in, if you’re looking to keep gearboxes and pumps from leaking, or power converters from overheating, or generators or rotational equipment from vibrating, then look to us for a solution.

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Refinery processes offer one of the most demanding and dangerous environments for gasketing and sealing.  The sales and production specialists of Klinger IGI are in tune to the needs and challenges associated with those processes.



As populations increase, so does the need for power generation and delivery systems.  Conventional and nuclear power facilities routinely use KLINGER IGI gaskets to safely seal vessels and pipes.

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Besides gaskets and seals for refineries and power plants, KLINGER IGI serves the specialty parts and sealing needs of sustainable or renewable energy production like solar, hydroelectric, and wind.

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