KLINGER IGI is recognized in the electronics and electronics manufacturing industries for its advanced material conversion capabilities.

We specialize in build-to-print parts that must meet tight tolerances and perform reliably in what are usually demanding environmental and operational profiles. Each custom part we fabricate is precision cut from a material specified by the customer for its unique performance characteristics – characteristics that include thermal management, insulation, vibration dampening, EMI/RFI shielding, noise attenuation, gap filling, sealing and more.


We are also known for partnering closely with our customers to discover new solutions to the complex requirements and smaller packages that are typical in emerging electronics platforms.

You’ll find our sales engineers working closely with their new product introduction (NPI) and production counterparts at customer locations to develop not only a clear understanding of their projects but also an appreciation for how the part is installed in their product or sub-assembly.

This way, the part’s design and packaging can be tailored for the customer’s manufacturing environment with an eye towards increased manufacturing efficiency and lowered cost.

So whether you seek sealing solutions for semiconductor enclosures, or isolation of critical electronics from the effects of EMI/RFI, or simply cooler running microprocessors and power supplies,

KLINGER IGI has both the knowledge and the experience to deliver the right material in the right dimension to you.

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