A build to print manufacturer and supplier of custom parts, KLINGER IGI specializes in creating solutions for tight tolerance and critical service applications across several industries.

Regardless of the industry we serve, KLINGER IGI customers depend on us for precision material fabrication and custom cut parts.

As a supplier of custom parts, our sales, application, and quality engineering teams have to be experienced problem solvers. And they are. They work hand-in-hand with our customer's engineering and supply chain teams to evaluate the best material and fabrication options for quality and delivery.

KLINGER IGI offers a wide variety of contract, build to print manufacturing services that are oriented at satisfying your prototyping and production run needs. These services are supported by our extensive fabricating and post-production capabilities at our factory in Greater Portland, Oregon. Our fabricating capabilities include high speed die cutting, knife or flash cutting, laser cutting, water jet cutting, routing, slitting, shearing, and several other processes. Because these processes are state-of-the-industry, they can be oriented at creating small and large profile parts from virtually all materials. Additionally, our value-added assembly, packaging/kitting, and special inventory programs let us personalize solutions for customers who are seeking more responsive or cost effective sourcing than they are currently enjoying.

And of course, our AS 9100D, ISO 9001:2015, and ITAR certifications amplify our expertise and strength as a manufacturing partner you can count on.

Want to know more about the products we make and their applications to your industry? Click on an industry below to learn more.

Supplier of Custom Parts | Aerospace Industry | KLINGER IGI
Supplier of Custom Parts | Aerospace Industry | KLINGER IGI


KLINGER IGI is a recognized precision converter of specialty materials and supplier of custom parts for use in the highly regulated aerospace and aviation industries.

Supplier of Custom Parts | Electronics Industry | KLINGER IGI
Supplier of Custom Parts | Electronics Industry | KLINGER IGI


The advanced material conversion capabilities at KLINGER IGI fulfill a broad range of custom parts needs in the electronics and electronics manufacturing industries.



With locations in Portland and Seattle, KLINGER IGI is well-positioned to serve the specialty parts and sealing needs of the maritime, ship building and repair, and off-shore industries.



The breadth of KLINGER IGI's precision cutting machinery allows conversion of specialty materials into high performance parts for today’s and tomorrow's medical and scientific devices.

Supplier of Custom Parts | Industrial Gaskets & Seals | KLINGER IGI
Supplier of Custom Parts | Industrial Gaskets & Seals | KLINGER IGI


From industrial delivery systems for liquids and gases (pumps, pipes, and vessels) to industrial automation and control systems, KLINGER IGI is an expert in fabricating gaskets and seals, thermal interfaces, vibration and sound management parts, and many other custom solutions.



KLINGER IGI offers sealing solutions for legacy and new technology power generation – products that perform in harsh operating environments of fossil fuel generating stations and satisfy technical demands unique to wind turbine, solar, or battery power.

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