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Material vendors and subcontractors that supply goods or services to Klinger IGI must adhere to our Supplier T&C and our AS9100D Quality System Flow Down Requirements.

The precision cutting services we deliver to our customers depends upon our source's ability to abide by our Supplier T&C.

Possessing all this advanced cutting machinery and parts fabrication knowledge would not mean much without our portfolio of high quality materials. The qualified suppliers to Klinger IGI's precision cutting services are experienced in manufacturing and/or distributing a range of materials that are designed for demanding industrial, defense, and commercial uses. And their compliance with our Supplier T&C will assure that we get the proper material, at the right time, at the agreed price.

Delivering quality materials on time and at cost is not a value proposition. It's an expectation.

The custom parts Klinger IGI fabricates from material supplied to specification are often used in mission critical applications in highly regulated industries like defense, aerospace, medical device, and energy. The work most of our customers accomplish in their industries by their manufacturing and/or service presences cannot be interrupted. Therefore, we need vendors who maintain a Quality Management System that is approved for the type of work we perform, and who abide by our Supplier T&C and AS9100D Quality System Flow Down Requirements. AS and ISO certified vendors are naturally preferred. Moreover, the vendors who repeatedly meet our expectations for delivering materials and their accompanying certification and test documents with accuracy and timeliness are usually the ones we prefer for future orders. That's not to say price isn't important. It certainly is. But it's not as important as meeting promises that keep our production lines running so that we, in turn, can meet our representations to our customers.

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Are you a supplier of engineered materials to the parts fabrication industry?

If so, then we welcome you to download the documents applicable to our Supplier T&C and AS9100 Flow Down Requirements.

Also, if you have a question about how we qualify, score, retain, and change suppliers, please send your question to us using the General Contact form. If your offering is of interest to us, we'll contact you.

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