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KLINGER IGI employs its precision cutting services to convert a wide range of materials into high tolerance, high performance scientific and medical device parts.

You’ll find our seals, shields, and other custom scientific and medical device parts being used in diagnostic and imaging equipment, drug dispensary, and biotech and pharma manufacturing.

Medical and Scientific Device Parts | Laboratory Equipment | KLINGER IGI
Medical and Scientific Device Parts | Diagnositic Equipment | KLINGER IGI

We often see a commonality between precision parts we make for electronics customers and those we make for medical and scientific customers. Both industries highly value thermal interface management parts for use in cooling or insulating components. Both industries value EMI/RFI shields and gaskets to protect the operation of internal components and the health of the patient. Both also frequently seek top-grade gaskets and seals, extrusions, and washers/spacers/shims for myriad purposes.

Scientific and medical device parts are often custom cut, molded, or machined from composite, plastic, foam or elastomeric materials that are suitable for applications that demand tight tolerance or miniaturization. Because we partner closely with our customers to discover new solutions to the complex requirements and smaller packages that are typical in their emerging medical and scientific platforms, we have experience offering advice that assists and accelerates our customers’ new product introduction (NPI) and production processes.

So whether you seek EMI/RFI gaskets for imaging and diagnostic machines, or sanitary seals for drug pumps and ventilators, or cooler running microprocessors and power supplies for longer service life of your products, KLINGER IGI has both the knowledge and the experience to deliver the right material in the right dimension to you.

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