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The KLINGER brand is “trusted. worldwide.” for quality sealing materials.  And KLINGER IGI is KLINGER's expert precision material converter serving the USA.

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KLINGER IGI is not a run-of-the-mill ‘cutter’. We’re specialists, and we tend to take on tough fabrication jobs that involve exotic materials or parts with challenging geometries and tolerances.  As such, we apply our advanced manufacturing equipment and machine operators to process a broad range of standard and high-tech materials.  Additionally, we don’t hype one material brand over another because we’re materials agnostic. That means we’ll propose options for technical performance and pricing – which is something you generally won’t find at either a material supplier pushing its own fixed selection of products or an inexperienced material converter peddling its own limited capabilities. Plus, our AS 9100D quality systems certification distinguishes us from the rank-and-file material converter by assuring we provide an elevated level of quality assurance to all customers. Taken together, that's why we're recognized as a precision material converter. And one of KLINGER's top specialty fabrication resources.

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Technical and Application Consultation

KLINGER IGI's skilled sales and application engineering team members are on call to solve material selection, fabrication technique, and other challenges that our customers occasionally face in their custom parts sourcing.   This service benefits our customers by providing well-researched recommendations that help achieve mutually important quality, performance, delivery, and pricing goals.

The team's approach is a collaborative one that is optimally engaged during the customer's specification process.  At that time, we can contribute our specialty material sourcing and precision fabrication expertise to aid the longevity of our customer’s engineering designs.

We frequently work with new product introduction teams in prototyping activities as well.  Such early engagement of our services prepares us well to inherit production volumes of the designed parts at our AS 9100D, ISO 9001:2015, and ITAR registered USA manufacturing facility.

Expert Material Procurement and Precision Parts Fabrication

Our OEM and Tier 1 manufacturing customers specify materials and designs for these custom parts. We then source the materials and cut them to the critical dimensions and tolerances those customers require in service to the highly regulated aviation and aerospace, electronics, medical, and industrial markets.

Our worldwide network of material suppliers meshes with our advanced manufacturing competencies to provide superior resources to best meet a custom fabrication customer's needs.  Yet as we've seen from time to time, even the best raw material sources may sometimes be challenged by delivery and price requirements.  During those times, our application engineers and purchasing team members collaborate to identify and propose alternative sources for a customer's consideration.  And because we are well-equipped with a variety of advanced material conversion machinery, we can implement such material or supplier source transitions with ease in our CNC waterjet, laser, router, and high speed die cutting workcenters.

After Sales Service

All of us at KLINGER IGI are committed to serving and attending to our clients throughout their product's lifecycle.  So, the quality promises of KLINGER IGI don't stop at delivery of the custom parts.  We have a dedicated customer service team who can help facilitate a range of after-the-sale services targeted at fulfilling order expectations and enhancing the customer experience.

Additionally, a thoughtful consideration exists throughout our organization concerning the operational context of the parts we make.  That is, our engineers, fabricators, and quality team members are sensitive to how the parts we fabricate will build up into a finished assembly and affect the function of a customer's end product. That awareness often encourages after sales discussions with our customers to suggest a range of options to improve the material conversion, assembly process, overall quality, and, ultimately, how a customer can save money through interim or permanent design revisions or raw material selections.


One thing that sets KLINGER IGI apart in its industry is that it is not just a build-to-print shop, but also functions as a technical consultant to clients. The result is a long-term business approach that focuses on adding value beyond the job — primarily by means of helping customers understand how their products can be improved in performance and optimized in cost throughout anticipated lifecycles. This technical engagement with our sales and application engineering team members produces strong working relationships, plus often results in the recurring use of KLINGER IGI as a precision material converter and custom parts fabricator.  Through this collaboration with the customer, KLINGER IGI team members share different raw material options and recommend the best techniques to convert with precision a particular material type into the desired part. The team members also frequently consult with the customer’s supply chain upstream to help develop and refine purchasing requirements to achieve improved quality, delivery, and/or cost.  Contact us to learn how you can experience that difference.


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