The laser cutting technology used in KLINGER IGI's laser cutting service can fabricate custom parts from thin gauge plastics, open and closed cell foam, compressed fiber, and other materials.

Laser cutting works by directing a tightly focused laser beam onto the material to be cut, and can be used for individual cut-through parts as well as kiss-cutting processes that leave parts on an adhesive release liner.

KLINGER IGI's laser cutting service offers advantages of tight tolerances (+/- 0.002), very small feature size, and quick turns. Laser cutting is a suitable approach for miniature or large parts and for prototype or production quantities and offers an alternative to waterjet cutting. Additionally, the laser cutting process can be used for engraving, marking, or other secondary operations on parts.

KLINGER IGI maintains a variety of industrial cutting equipment designed to serve your low to high volume production requirements.

We also work with technically vetted laser cutting service partners to access lasers of higher wattage that can process thicker or more exotic materials than our factory capabilities allow.

Lasers sound 'cool' and offer a suitable means to cut particular materials. However, lasers are not the only process and sometimes may not be the best process. Further, for a given material, lasers are often a more expensive alternative to equivalent fabrication processes (e.g., waterjets, precision dies).

So, we invite you to advantage our years of experience working with a variety of materials and parts fabrication machinery to help you select the process that best meets your needs for parts tolerance, volume processing, and price.

Precision Laser Cutting | KLINGER IGI

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