Adhesives, Tapes, Films & Foils

Adhesive products, tapes, films and foils are frequently converted into specific ready-for-manufacturing formats that are tailored to our customer's manufacturing or end use needs.

Because KLINGER IGI is an AS 9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certified adhesive and tape material converter, we have access to a wide vareity of materials from top industry sources.  For example, we maintain a preferred relationship with 3M™, the recognized leader in this industry and a model for innovation, quality, and value.

Adhesive and Tape Converter | Die Cut Kiss Cut Tape | KLINGER IGI

We are able to quickly source a variety of high quality pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) plus transfer, double coated and foam tapes.  Additionally, we can source very high bond (VHB) tapes in different thicknesses and formats.

These adhesive products possess performance characteristics that have proven to be ideal for aerospace, electronics, medical device, scientific instrument, and automotive markets – characteristics such as high strength bonding, stability in high temperatures, chemical resistance, and low outgassing.  Moreover, thin film adhesives are ideal for joining dissimilar materials without adding bulk to the designed product.

The shapes that an adhesive and tape converter can make from a raw material are only limited by the fabrication capabilities of the converter. 3M material converter, KLINGER IGI, maintains advanced slitting, die cutting, and knife cutting equipment that can process a wide range of adhesive backed material, tapes, foils, and other stock.

As a manufacturer of custom parts, we routinely rely on the products of our conversion processes.  You'll find our shop teams using specialty tape parts from kiss cut rolls and sheets when building new parts or products.  Because we consume what we make, we can appreciate what other manufacturers value in a cut part from an adhesive and tape converter.