With locations in the Pacific Northwest, KLINGER IGI is well-positioned to fabricate and deliver marine gaskets and seals to the maritime, ship building and repair, and off-shore industries.

Flange gaskets, window and hatch seals, and manifold gaskets and insulation are typical marine parts that are in KLINGER IGI’s wheelhouse.

Additionally, you’ll find that KLINGER IGI builds to print many custom marine gaskets and seals for use in mission critical applications on the water and in terminals alike. For example, marine gaskets and seals fabricated by KLINGER IGI are often found wherever fluid management and safety are important. You may find them protecting vital sea water systems on oil and gas producing platforms, or sealing piping and valves in chemical or LNG/LPG/LEG tanker and terminal systems, or securely joining high temperature engine and compressor parts (such as manifold, exhaust, heat exchanger), or dampening vibrations and sounds of pumps and motors.


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Properly protected equipment can increase safety, extend service life, and lower costs.

To achieve those ends, one of the more popular items we offer is a flange guard (or spray shield) that is designed for use in high risk installations. Leaks or mists of pressurized fluids (e.g., hydraulic fluid, lube oil, fuel oils) can create fire or explosive hazards in engine rooms. Leaks or sprays of steam or hazardous chemicals can injure or maim quickly.

Spray shields are one possible ‘belt and suspenders’ solution for keeping dangerous media from creating a safety hazard when corrosion affects bolted joints, or when seals are improperly installed or maintained by maintenance personnel. This is because spray shields isolate the flange and contain the dangerous media by stopping spray out and mist formation.  This safely controls the leak, giving time for maintenance personnel to identify the failure and perform corrective actions.

KLINGER IGI makes myriad other products formed from materials specifically selected for high performance in demanding operational conditions.

So, whether you seek high performance gaskets for engine or mechanical rooms, or vibration dampening, or fluid sealing for all types of pipe flanges throughout your ship or installation, KLINGER IGI has both the knowledge and the experience to deliver the right material in the right dimension to you.

You'll often find KLINGER valve, flow control device, and gasket solutions in LNG ships, petrochemical storage facilities at terminals, and other places where sealing is a critical necessity in marine operations.

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