Laminating & Adhesive Application

Adhesive lamination is the process of applying pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) and liners to various substrates prior to fabricating a customer's custom part from the laminated material.


KLINGER IGI's adhesive lamination systems are capable of applying heat-activated and cold-bond pressure sensitive adhesives (also called PSA) or hot melt film adhesives to a wide variety of materials in roll and sheet form.

Substrates to which we commonly laminate adhesives and liners include open and closed cell foams, natural and synthetic rubbers, adhesive and non-adhesive tapes, thermoplastic films, medical grade fabrics, and various specialty materials like optically clear films, composites, polycarbonates, and metals.

Adhesive Lamination | Laminating Machine | KLINGER IGI
Adhesive Lamination | Clean Room Laminating | KLINGER IGI

We can laminate roll stock in its original form (i.e., logs), or we can use our slitting equipment to create smaller rolls of dimensions that are best suited for a particular fabrication process (i.e., Preco die cutting machine) or customer manufacturing or assembly requirement.

Our liner and adhesive lamination capabilities include single and double sided lamination, multi-layer composite lamination, slitting, and rewinding and sheeting.

KLINGER IGI then uses its high speed die and knife cutting machinery to custom cut parts that have adhesives, tapes, films, and foils applied to them.  And they can be kiss cut from a roll so that the resulting part can be easily picked up and applied by your manufacturing team to your product assemblies.

By using the lamination process to combine materials in this way, KLINGER IGI can deliver precision fabricated parts to OE manufacturers in a format that makes their assembly tasks more efficient.

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