Slitting is a typical capability of all materials converters because it is often used to prepare materials for die cutting in addition to creating precisely cut roll stock for a variety of customer assembly or end use applications (i.e., weatherstripping).


The precision slitting services offered by KLINGER IGI can convert a variety of small to large diameter master rolls of raw materials (often called "logs") that include:

  • rubber (natural and synthetic)
  • foam (open and closed cell, laminated and non-laminated)
  • non-asbestos gasket material (compressed fiber and cork)
  • tape (adhesive, self-adhesive, and non-adhesive)
  • pressure sensitive adhesive, or PSA (one-sided, two-sided, release liner)
  • VHB
  • and many other products (with a maximum outside diameter of 24")
Precision Slitting Services | Lathe Slitter | KLINGER IGI

KLINGER IGI’s microprocessor controlled machines can accurately slit foam, rubber, adhesive and non-adhesive tape, pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA), and a range of other non-woven materials

Think of a "log" slitting machine as part lathe and part circular saw.  The log mounts on a horizontal spindle, and a spinning circular knife blade slices the material as it turns on the spindle. The computerized controls direct the blade indexing and cutting operations by managing the machinery's servos or motors. The machine operator adds knowledge of the material's anticipated interaction with the lathe to fine tune the cutting operation so that the desired dimension and tolerance are achieved.

These single knife lathe slitters can precisely cut stock from a master roll ("log") without rewinding. They are capable of slitting material from .125" to 60" while holding very tight tolerances. Also, by use of special dies on our high speed rotary machine, we can configure it into rewind slitter. In that configuration, the rotary machine unwinds the master roll, slits the material to the desired width, and rewinds the slit material into narrow rolls for customer packaging or subsequent processing in manufacturing (i.e., rolls for use on high speed die cutting presses).

Our precision slitting services are best for processing single and double-sided adhesive tapes, PVC, vinyl tapes, foam tapes, dielectric tapes, protection tapes, paper and other roll stock materials

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