As a top material supplier and converter, KLINGER IGI only sources proven, tested materials from world–class material manufacturers.

One special trait about KLINGER IGI as a material supplier and converter is our ‘material agnostic’ status. That means we can source and cut virtually every material from all top manufacturers.

This independence provides a valuable objectivity to the selection and recommendation of materials and cutting processes. Additionally, customers can avoid pitfalls of sole sourcing by qualifying substitute materials for occasions when greater performance, faster delivery, or lower price are desired. Such flexibility is an embedded benefit of a relationship with an independent material supplier and converter.

We maintain an inventory of thousands of line items of raw materials, and have access to thousands more through our preferred purchasing relationships with global material manufacturers.

At KLINGER IGI we're proud of the strong relationships we've built with our world-class raw material suppliers and partners over the years. Here are links to just a few of them that provide high quality sheet and roll stock for our material conversion processes that would produce your precision cut parts, seals and gaskets.

Material Supplier and Converter | Thermal Interface and Gap Pad | KLINGER IGI


Thermal interface materials are cut by KLINGER IGI into custom parts that move heat away from critical electronic devices (such as microprocessors and power supplies) to ensure proper performance of the device as well as extend the product's service life.

Material Supplier and Converter | Poron Sheets | KLINGER IGI


KLINGER IGI converts materials that are designed to dampen sources of annoying vibration and noise that would otherwise damage delicate or expensive machinery and electronics in transportation, industrial, and consumer applications.



EMI/RFI gaskets and shielding material are precision cut by KLINGER IGI and used in electronics products to separate and dampen signals, control spurious emissions, and optimize technical performance at high frequencies.

Supplier of Custom Parts | Industrial Gaskets & Seals | KLINGER IGI


To efficiently separate particles suspended in air, gases, and liquids, KLINGER IGI custom fabricates filters and filter assemblies using various materials including foam, polypropylene, polyester, carbon, plastic, and metal.

Material Supplier and Converter | Formex Parts | KLINGER IGI


KLINGER IGI converts a wide variety of electrically and chemically resistant materials into parts that are routinely used in computers and displays, scientific instruments, audio-visual equipment, aircraft power supplies, medical devices, and many other electronics products.

Material Supplier and Converter | Gaskets & Seals | KLINGER IGI


For technical applications ranging from the sophisticated (like turbine engine fuel systems) to the common (like water pipes), KLINGER IGI manufactures gaskets using material designed to safely seal components from fluid, gas, or solid leakage.



Insulation material is cut to size and shape by KLINGER IGI to reduce heat transfer by forming thermal envelopes inside or around components, pipes, and machinery as well as structures, aircraft, and vehicles.  

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