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As a supplier of precision cutting services using advanced manufacturing equipment, KLINGER IGI fabricates specialty parts to customer print specifications.

KLINGER IGI's precision cutting services are valued by our customers for high quality and access to a wide variety of fabrication machinery.

Quality custom parts fabrication results from precision cutting capabilities and repeatable procedures. The customers of our precision cutting services are generally OE and Tier 1 manufacturers that serve highly regulated and competitive industries.  These industries include aviation and aerospace, electronics and computer, medical and scientific device, power generation, defense, oil and gas, marine, public utility, and industrial automation.

We are not a retail shop for 'onesie-twosie' gaskets. Rather, we are a bulk manufacturer of a broad range of parts that are precision cut from a wide range of materials.

These custom fabricated parts include thermal interface and gap pads, EMI and RFI shields and gaskets, vibration and sound dampers, spacers/washers/shims, and (of course) myriad industrial gaskets, seals, and extrusions.

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Are you a customer of our precision cutting services?

If so, then we welcome you to use the provided forms to communicate with us. The value of the forms is that they collect the information necessary to best serve you, thus preparing us to respond to your needs with heightened accuracy and timeliness.  Precision cutting services occur best with precision communications.

Also, if there is a routine communication that you do not see here as a submission-ready form, please contact us and let us know what your needs are. We will do our best to serve you with this website or other methods of accurate communication.

Order Status / Order Change Request

Klinger IGI strives to achieve the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction.  One way is to deliver products on the dates we commit to you in our order confirmations.

This form may be used to request scheduled shipment information (i.e, ETA) for an in-process order.  [Note: This form is NOT to be used to ask about potential shipment dates or production information for orders that have not yet been received by Klinger IGI and confirmed to you.]

Additionally, you may use this form to request a change to an order – a change to delivery time, quantity, ship-to address, or anything else that you request to differ from the order confirmation that Klinger IGI provided to you earlier.

[Note: Klinger IGI reserves the right to adjust item pricing for changes to purchase quantity or delivery schedule. Klinger IGI also reserves the right to levy administrative fees for order expediting, restocking, and cancellation when changes to orders are initiated by a customer.]

Please fill in this form and submit.  All fields marked with * are mandatory entries.

RGA Request

KLINGER IGI strives to achieve the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction.  On an exceptional basis, however, we may not attain that goal.  That's because despite our use of advanced manufacturing machinery, we are still human.  Trust that when we disappoint you, we commit to not only remedy the error but also undertake corrective actions to prevent a recurrence for you or other customers.

This form is used to report that exceptional disappointment.  Using this form, you may report that the goods you recently received from KLINGER IGI do not meet the agreed specification of the ordered part due to a deficiency in materials and/or workmanship.  You may also use this form to report discrepancies in shipping location or item count.

A fully completed report will constitute a REQUEST for return authorization for goods (“RGA”). Please note that a separate RGA Request is required for each part number.

Items may not be returned to KLINGER IGI without formal RGA approval by KLINGER IGI.  Our assessment of your request occurs AFTER your complete report is submitted.  SIMPLY FILLING OUT THIS FORM DOES NOT CONSTITUTE APPROVAL.  YOU WILL BE CONTACTED BY A CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE AFTERWARDS TO RECEIVE PRODUCT DISPOSITION AND/OR RETURN INSTRUCTIONS.  Please be aware that any goods you return without prior authorization by a KLINGER IGI representative can be refused and returned to you at your expense.

[Note: KLINGER IGI does not accept responsibility for any goods damaged in shipment as such defect is not a result of defective materials or workmanship. Goods that are damaged in shipment must be claimed against the carrier, and a new (i.e., replacement) order initiated by the buyer.]

Please fill in this form and submit.  All fields marked with * are mandatory entries.

Return Goods Authorization Request

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