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As a build to print manufacturer, KLINGER IGI specializes in fabricating custom fabrication services and parts for aviation and aerospace, electronics, medical and scientific, marine, and energy industry products.

Our AS 9100D, ISO 9001:2015, and ITAR certifications amplify our expertise and value as a custom industrial parts fabrication partner you can count on.

Industrial and manufacturing industries are certainly more complex by incorporating technology and automating processes.  As a result, customers increasingly seek more intelligent solutions to elevate productivity.  Electronics are now enmeshed with the industrial production process.  These electronic devices have become more functional and reliable because of improved thermal managementprotective enclosures, and gaskets and seals used in their construction and installation.  For example, you'll find KLINGER IGI-made custom industrial parts used in applications ranging from smart automation (that controls processing temperature and lighting at chemical or food plants) to specialty seals (that protect electronics from challenging environmental conditions or control electromagnetic or radio frequency emissions).

While technological advancement is a characteristic of industrial control systems, industrial delivery systems for liquids and gasses are substantially the same this century as they were the last.  For instance, pipe flange, pump, and manway gaskets changed little in design but still effectively guard systems from ingress of contaminants or egress of pollutants.  Of course, these parts don't evoke a 'high tech' image.  However, the applications they are used in are almost always mission critical and high risk.  As such, customers rightfully demand heightened levels of performance from their gasket materials plus precision cutting by a skilled custom industrial parts fabricator like KLINGER IGI.

When it comes to safety, there is no substitute for quality.

To illustrate, few applications are more critical than the containment of chlorine, caustic, liquor and steam.  Gasket failures in these areas result in serious injury to personnel and loss of valuable production time.  KLINGER IGI gasketing and sealing specialists can recommend materials that are best suited for your specific application.  This service provides your company with confidence in sourcing the most reliable and cost effective gaskets and seals.  And whether these custom industrial parts are industry standard or built-to-print, you can rely on KLINGER IGI to fabricate the most suitable solution to your needs.

Custom Industrial Parts | Motors & Pumps | KLINGER IGI


Whether you need heat shields, intake and exhaust manifold gaskets, or seals for hydraulic or pneumatic applications, you will find KLINGER IGI to be an expert in fabricating cut parts and packings for OE manufacturers who serve aftermarket and high performance industries like marine, automotive, motorcycle, and ATV.



KLINGER IGI continues over 40 years of sealing services to the oil and gas, nuclear, power generation, chemical, and other heavy industries by delivering rugged gaskets and seals engineered for harsh environmental conditions, operation at extreme temperatures and pressures, and control of contaminants.

Custom Industrial Parts | Food & Beverage Industry | KLINGER IGI


KLINGER IGI cuts a variety of custom gaskets, sanitary seals, and filtration parts for manufacturing and processing plants using FDA and USDA approved food grade and NSF 61 certified materials. Additionally, silicone, neoprene, and specialty materials are available for custom product fabrication.



KLINGER IGI offers NSF/ANSI 61 certified compressed gasket material that is specially formulated with aramid fibers and NBR.  We cut gaskets for use in municipal water treatment and utility distribution systems, mechanical devices like water meters and pumps, and plumbing like faucets and fountains.



KLINGER IGI makes custom fabricated gaskets and other sealing solutions tailored to the high performance needs of motorized and mechanized equipment.  We customize graphite, compressed fiber, PTFE, rubber, silicone, polyamide, mica and other gasket material types into parts that precisely fit your industrial machinery.



Because of our experience serving the Pacific Northwest, KLINGER IGI knows that pulp and paper processing demands sealing solutions that protect against contaminants, prevent emissions, cut downtime, grow efficiency, and (most importantly) improve safety. We make custom gaskets for all stages of pulp and paper processing, including digesters, canister rolls, bleachers, and refiners.

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