EMI & RFI Management

Electronic devices operate at higher frequencies and require an increased separation of signals for different parts of the device in a way that the product's performance is optimized and regulated emissions are minimized.

EMI and RFI management is a performance issue as well as a compliance one.  Radiation and noise levels must be managed to assure no errant interference occurs that would degrade product performance or disrupt the operation of other devices.  EMI and RFI gaskets and shields fabricated by KLINGER IGI address and solve these technical challenges.

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EMI & RFI Gaskets | Fabric Over Foam Material | KLINGER IGI

Silicone gaskets and elastomers provide conductive and shielding capability in diverse markets and applications.  KLINGER IGI sells these electromagnetic and radio frequency attenuation and shielding products to OE and Tier 1 manufacturers of electronics for aerospace, medical, and defense applications. Besides silicone's environmental sealing properties, its shielding properties are achieved and customized by incorporating a variety of media in the silicone sheet or extrusion. Corrosion resistant wire is generally used to provide conductivity in the oriented silicone line. The resulting EMI and RFI gaskets and elastomers provide effective shielding for products ranging from computers to handheld consumer electronic devices, to avionics in aircraft, to arrays in telecom cabinetry.

Other typical EMI and RFI management solutions include stamped metal shields, die cut metal foils, and form in place gaskets.