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KLINGER IGI is a recognized precision converter of specialty materials to create aeroapace and aviation parts for use in commercial, military, and business platforms.

We are an AS 9100 quality certified manufacturer of custom aerospace and aviation parts that serve applications including thermal management, cushioning, vibration reduction, RFI/EMI shielding, sound absorption, and critical system gasketing and sealing.

By sourcing and maintaining an inventory of lightweight and fire retardant materials, we can respond quickly to the needs of the top manufacturers of commercial, business, and military airplanes, helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles.  Each of these high tech materials can be fashioned by our advanced cutting processes into a build to print part that is typically destined for a mission critical airframe, electronics, avionics, or cabin assembly.

Aerospace and Aviation Parts | Gaskets & Seals | KLINGER IGI

Typical aerospace and aviation parts include gaskets, spacers, gap pads, insulation, dampers, bezels, shields, and much more.

Because KLINGER IGI is a proven build-to-print resource to this highly regulated industry, we are able to contribute years of expertise in fabricating custom (and often challenging) products.  Our goal is not only to assure the quality reproduction of your design, but also to contribute experience-based recommendations that are oriented on improving outcomes in quality, delivery and cost.

The components KLINGER IGI manufactures for aerospace and aviation customers are often called upon to fulfill demanding product use scenarios, such as extreme temperatures, pressures, emissions, actuations and much more.

As a consequence, there is no margin for error in material and the fabricated goods quality of aerospace and aviation parts. This quality expectation demands that our application engineers are well-engaged with their new product introduction (NPI) and production counterparts at customer locations. For example, as KLINGER IGI serves major airframe, avionics, and electronics suppliers to the world's top commercial, military and business airplane manufacturers, our team assures that material selectionprecision conversion, and parts inspection processes are focused on satisfying our AS9100-based quality management system (QMS) and all customer production requirements.

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