Vibration and Sound Management

KLINGER IGI manufactures sound, shock and vibration damping pads, bumpers, washers, and more from top dampening materials.

As a parts fabrication specialist, KLINGER IGI sources a wide range of materials that are engineered to address noise and vibration in critical design applications.

Vibration can be both a source of annoying noise and the cause of damage to delicate components.  Therefore, vibration management is a key factor in the design of products for aviation, automotive, industrial, and consumer goods markets. 

Because we are a preferred converter of top material producers, we stock and can quickly source the materials needed to fabricate custom sound, shock and vibration damping pads to your design specification.

Vibration Damping Material | KLINGER IGI

Polyurethane and silicone are popular vibration isolation materials for good reasons.

For example, PORON® industrial polyurethane and BISCO® silicone foams are highly resilient elastomers that are often used as vibration isolators. These materials offer high resistance to compression set plus deliver high levels of resiliency, vibration damping and impact absorption. Because these products are stable in a wide range of environments plus deflect vibrations over long periods of time (while experiencing only small changes in stiffness due to stress relaxation), they are ideal materials for vibration isolators.  Additionally, self-fusing silicone tapes like ARLON® conform and irreversibly bond to multiple types of materials to dampen vibrations, with the added advantage of creating an insulative barrier that is moisture resistant.

Besides polyurethane and silicone elastomers, we also offer foam, sponge, rubber, felt, cork, and specialty damping tapes from the industry's top material sources.

Any of those materials can be converted into cushions, gaskets, grommets, bumpers using KLINGER IGI's flash (knife), waterjet, or die cutting processes.  We also have extrusion and molding partnerships to deliver those solutions when needed.

Let KLINGER IGI be your fabrication source for custom sound, shock and vibration damping pads. Contact us for more info.

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