MRO Expertise

The Klinger IGI Inc. Sales and Production Staff is in tune with your needs and is committed to resolve them quickly. Staff members are trained to assure that environmental and safety concerns are completely satisfied. Whether you are involved in the Pulp and PaperPower GenerationOil RefiningWater Treatment, or Marine Industries, you can rely on our experience and resourcefulness.

Klinger IGI Inc. has the resources to meet all of your gasket and sealing requirements – within hours. Our experienced team of professionals will work with you, hand in hand, ensuring that each gasket and seal performs better than expected.

Innovation Giants for Industry

Klinger IGI Inc. could stand for Innovation Giants for Industry; for over 40 years, Klinger IGI Inc. has proven itself a leader in the cut parts industry. Klinger IGI Inc. excels in providing quality products, technical expertise and exceptional customer service. With facilities in Denver and Portland, OR, Klinger IGI Inc. will meet and exceed your expectations immediately, regardless your plant location. Your company will no longer have to keep its money tied up in maintenance inventory. Klinger IGI Inc. will provide the gaskets needed with less costly down time and/or planned maintenance shutdowns.

Planned System Shutdowns

Klinger IGI Inc. will be there in advance to help identify shut down requirements and to make certain the right materials are utilized. This is Klinger IGI Inc.'s commitment to you – we will leave no stone unturned to guarantee your plant's safe operation with regard to seals and gaskets.

Pre-Overhaul or Pre-Maintenance Audits

Klinger IGI Inc. will provide a comprehensive audit, working with your maintenance staff, to identify seal and gasket condition and replacement needs. With our expertise and production capabilities, we will have the right replacements available exactly when they are needed.

24 Hour Emergency Assistance

Klinger IGI Inc. representatives are available around the clock to assist you when a flange gasket or bolted joint emergency occurs. We have the resources to make sure you have the right product available to you–within hours if necessary.