Trends in Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical devices manufacturing is changing, fueled by a surge in demand and a pressing need for innovation.

Scaling up often requires investing in new equipment and technology to increase production capacity and efficiency. At KLINGER IGI, we continue to add advanced precision fabrication machinery to build parts like thermal interface materials, gaskets and seals, and other components used in imaging and diagnostic products made by medical device manufacturers.

Navigating Innovations in Medical Device Manufacturing

The market for medical manufacturing is good and growing. Per Today’s Medical Developments from late 2023:

  • 75% expected their company would generate more sales in 2023
  • 4% expected to generate less sales in 2023
  • 21% expected to generate the same amount of sales as 2022

As the demand for medical devices continues to grow, manufacturers face the challenge of adapting to rapid changes and embracing new trends.

Personalized medicine requires a move towards more flexible and adaptable production systems. These systems must be capable of producing highly customized and precise components to meet the unique needs of individual patients. Advanced manufacturing capabilities allow for the production of components with tight tolerances, tailored for specific medical applications.

Technological Advancements: A New Era of Production

This evolution in technological advancement is not just about keeping pace with demand. It’s also about achieving new levels of efficiency, precision, and quality.

Again this year, KLINGER IGI added a dual-head flash cutter and laser cutting machine to enhance our factory’s capability to deliver greater accuracy and speed.

These technological investments are crucial for fabricating components used in medical equipment such as imaging and diagnostic devices, where accuracy is paramount.

The Reshoring Movement: Strengthening Domestic Capabilities

While some manufacturing is going way offshore into space, there’s a growing trend toward reshoring manufacturing operations back to the United States. This movement mitigates risks associated with overseas production and responds to the increasing demand for domestically produced medical devices.

The shift also enhances supply chain resilience, ensuring more reliable access to essential medical products.

Keeping up with demand means managing a robust supply chain and streamlining operations — as well as taking a close look at manufacturing partners for quality assurance purposes.

KLINGER IGI is a US-based build-to-print manufacturer of custom parts for the medical device and scientific equipment industries. Our fabrication capabilities include laser, waterjet, and die-cutting thermal interface management material, foam, composite, plastic, and metal into tight tolerance parts for use in products like CAT and MRI machines, diagnostic equipment, patient and asset location systems, and much more.

As technologies advance and the focus on domestic production strengthens, the future holds the promise of enhanced patient care and more precise diagnostic tools. Our business is to convert your ideas into reliable parts so your product succeeds in the market. Let us know if we can help you. After all, we’re in your backyard, not across the ocean.