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Improper material selections can lead to (literally) explosive situations.  As a recognized gasket manufacturer to the oil and gas industries, KLINGER IGI specializes in selecting the right metallic or non-asbestos gasket solution for high temperature and pressure sealing performance in your critical refinery or gas processing equipment.

Whether you need gaskets for a shell and tube exchanger, or for an air cooled heat exchanger (fin fan cooler), or for a coke drum, or for an economizer, boiler or heater in your petrochemical process, you can trust that our team has the bolted gasket industry knowledge and experience to supply you with top gasket and seal choices for your petroleum or gas process machinery's operational performance and life.


A shell and tube heat exchanger, for example, is the most common type of heat exchanger in oil refineries and other large chemical processes.  These types of heat exchangers are popular due to the flexibility the designer has to accommodate a wide range of pressures and temperatures.

KLINGER IGI specializes in fabricating gaskets for the shell and tube inlets and outlets that can readily handle the high pressures and temperatures of the transported media.

Industrial hardware supply chains rely upon gasket manufacturer KLINGER IGI to deliver specialty sealing products like ring joint type, Kammprofile, and (most frequently) spiral wound gaskets for challenging oil and gas applications.  We also sell a wide range of gasket sheet materials and convert those materials into parts for other critical machinery applications requiring non-asbestos compressed fiber or graphite gaskets.  These products are additionally certified to meet SAE and MIL-SPEC/MIL-STD as required.

So the next time you begin planning a system shutdown, or would like to conduct a pre-overhaul or pre-maintenance audit, give us a call.

We can assist you in understanding our capabilities to provide a full range of high performance and value priced gaskets and seals.

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