COVID-19 Protective Workplace Barriers and Sneeze Guards for Office, Retail…

KLINGER IGI Customizes Protective Workplace Barriers and Sneeze Guards for Office, Retail, and Public Facility Use

Due to COVID-19 and the need for social distancing solutions, KLINGER IGI manufactures protective workplace barriers and sneeze guards that are designed to provide safe and comfortable spaces to guests and employees.

An expert material converter in the Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountain region, KLINGER IGI specializes in the fabrication of clear protective shields and barriers to satisfy COVID-19 employee protection and social distancing guidelines.  Plus, KLINGER IGI knows first hand how manufacturing and distribution facilities need to provide protection in ways that assure safe and disruption-free production, break room, showroom, and point-of-sale activities.

The protective workplace barriers and sneeze guards that KLINGER IGI makes can be custom cut to size and shipped nationwide for easy installation.  Standard sizes are also available for office cubicles, cafeteria room tables, countertops and other spaces that put employees in close contact with each other or with their customers.  And regardless if standard or custom cut solutions are selected, KLINGER IGI offers etching options to prominently promote your branding and deliver greater aesthetic value to your work and customer spaces.

A wide range of materials are available to create these protective workplace barriers, sneeze guards, and other styles of transparent partitions.  These include, but are not limited to, plexiglas, polycarbonate, acrylic, vinyl, and many other rigid or flexible transparent plastics.  The materials are then formed into your custom product using high speed precision cutting equipment.  Our shipping team then packages your partition for safe transport.  And our sales and customer service teams are available to assist with additional information on other social distancing and personal safety products.

Additionally, KLINGER IGI manufactures face shields.  For more information on either personal protective face shields or protective workplace barriers and sneeze guards, contact KLINGER IGI using this form or call 1-800-444-7157.

As an essential business providing custom gaskets and other cut parts for the critical infrastructure industries of this nation, KLINGER IGI remains fully operational and can serve your material conversion or build-to-print parts needs.