The Emergence of Electric Vehicles and Opportunities for Manufacturers

man charging ev

The Rise of Electric Vehicles and Manufacturer Prospects As consumer preferences lean increasingly towards cleaner, more efficient vehicles, the EV market is experiencing unprecedented growth. Traditional auto giants and emerging startups alike are retooling for electric production. This market segment represents a significant opportunity for innovation and growth — a space where KLINGER IGI’s expertise…

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Securing the Supply Chain: The Case for Domestic Manufacturing

The Case for Domestic Manufacturing   The US aerospace and defense industries face unprecedented challenges, from unstable supply chains to escalating geopolitical tensions. For years, these challenges have threatened delivery and price of materials and products.  Increasingly, supply chains and their sources are being objectively recognized for the additional threats they impart to domestic manufacturing. …

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Three Key Trends The Manufacturing Industry Faces In 2022, and Beyond – Part II: Inflation’s Impact

Inflation’s Impact Continues to Ripple Across All Manufacturing Industries in 2022 Inflation is not a temporary issue as suggested by government leaders in 2021. Suppliers and manufacturers cannot afford to absorb these rising costs within their operations. Instead, these higher operational costs are passed through the supply chain, leading to increased wholesale and consumer prices.…

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