Fabrication Capabilities

KLINGER IGI is an AS 9100 and ISO 9001 quality registered manufacturer with a wide range of precision parts fabrication capabilities.

Our business is precision parts fabrication.  As a custom parts manufacturer, we use advanced machinery that cuts, stamps, mills, creases, laminates and prints your specified material type into a finished item that meets your product requirements.

We specialize in tight tolerance operations using our state-of-the-industry CNC waterjet, laser, high speed die cutting, and flash (knife) cutting operations.  The materials converted can be soft, semi-rigid or rigid.  And they can range from compressed fiber, rubbers and foams to phenolics, plastics and metals.

The parts that are created by our precision parts fabrication processes are built to the print specifications of OE and Tier 1 manufacturers.  Customers such as these design products for the highly regulated aerospace, electronics, defense, energy, medical and scientific device, marine, and industrial automation industries.

A precision parts manufacturer like KLINGER IGI can make something that you've already designed.  Or we can work with your engineers to help you take your idea to prototype then production.  Because we do both well, you'll have more time to focus on your engineering system, component discovery, and production sourcing efforts.

Whether you are seeking to source something as basic as a ring or full face gasket or as complex as a precisely shaped thermal interface or gap pad, we welcome your consideration of us to become your preferred source for build-to-print and custom fabricated parts. Contact us if you'd like to learn more about our services.

Precision Parts Fabrication | Water Jet Cut Parts
Water Jet Cut Parts | Klinger IGI | Precision Parts Manufacturer


Abrasive and non-abrasive waterjets are valued in precision parts fabrication for their ability to cut to tight tolerance plus process thick or dense materials.

Precision Parts Fabrication | Laser Cut Parts
Laser Cut Parts | Klinger IGI | Precision Parts Manufacturer


Cutting with lasers is another precision parts fabrication process for thin gauge plastics, open and closed cell foam, metals, composites and other materials.

Precision Parts Fabrication | Die Cut Parts
Die Cut Parts | Klinger IGI | Precision Parts Manufacturer


A variety of industrial die cutting equipment is located at KLINGER IGI's two factories to serve your low to high volume production requirements.

Precision Parts Fabrication | CNC Router
CNC Router Cut Parts | Klinger IGI | Precision Parts Manufacturer


CNC routers are designed for cutting all types of plastics, woods, foams and non-ferrous metals in both 2D and 3D.

Precision Parts Fabrication | Flash / Knife Cut Parts
CNC Flash Cut Parts | Klinger IGI | Precision Parts Manufacturer


Also known as dieless cutting or flash cutting, CNC knife cutting is used to create precision cut parts without the attending cost of a steel rule die.

Material Slitting | Log Slitter
Roll Material Slitter | Klinger IGI | Precision Parts Manufacturer


Roll or log slitters prepare materials for die cutting and create roll stock for many production assembly and end use applications.

Material Laminating Machine
Laminator | Klinger IGI | Precision Parts Manufacturer


Certain parts require the precise lamination of pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA), liners, and tapes – and KLINGER IGI manufacturing equipment is tooled to deliver.

Assembly & Kitting Services
Assembly & Kitting | Klinger IGI | Precision Parts Manufacturer


Value added services offered by KLINGER IGI include parts assembly and specialized packaging.

Precision Parts Manufacturer | 3D Printed Parts
3D Printed Parts | Klinger IGI | Precision Parts Manufacturer


The 3D printing process creates production fixtures and prototype parts by successively adding dispensable materials layer by layer.

Prototyping and Production Services
Prototype-to-Production | Klinger IGI | Precision Parts Manufacturer


KLINGER IGI converts your ideas into products using precision cutting (i.e., waterjet), subtractive (i.e., routing), and additive (i.e., 3D printing) manufacturing equipment.

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