Sports and Leisure

KLINGER IGI, Inc. uses a full range of rubber, foam, and plastic materials to meet the unique requirements of the sports and leisure markets. By combining our wide variety of materials and processes (routing, water jet, high speed die-cutting, thermoforming, and vacuum forming), there are virtually no limitations in meeting your engineering needs. KLINGER IGI, Inc. produces nearly every variety of padding, cushioning, vibration/sound insulation and packaging designs, all customized and developed to meet your specifications. We convert your engineering vision into reality!

Some sports and leisure products we make are:

  • Eye Cushioning and Nose Straps for Swimming Goggles
  • Foot/Boot straps for Snowboards and Wake Boards
  • Heel Pads
  • Thermoformed Packaging
  • Traction Pads for Sail and Surf Boards
  • Vibration Isolators