Water Treatment Industry

Whether you need mechanical seals, specially designed packings, high quality gasket materials, custom molded sealing products or engineered high performance sealing systems, the KLINGER IGI, Inc. sales engineers can supply you with the solutions.

Wastewater treatment is more sophisticated and demanding on pumps, agitators, blowers, and mixers than ever before. Maintenance and clean-up expenses continue to erode operating budgets without contributing to overall improvement in the in-plant systems you’ve installed. KLINGER IGI, Inc. is here to help resolve your unique problems. Our philosophy goes much further than “single source” sealing solutions for waste water treatment facilities; we’re willing to start you off in the right direction without any obligation.

Free Site Inspection

Call KLINGER IGI, Inc. to arrange for a no cost on-site inspection, analysis, and cost estimate. Savings can be substantial, especially in terms of product cost, labor, maintenance savings, and reduced clean-up expenses.

As you can expect from the specialists at KLINGER IGI, Inc. we offer complete and intelligent support for: