Oil Refining Industry

KLINGER IGI, Inc. has all the resources you require in meeting your sealing needs. KLINGER IGI, Inc. sales and production specialists are in tune to the needs and problems associated with refinery processes. The world of non-asbestos gasketing can be confusing and dangerous. Improper material selections lead to potentially explosive situations. Our experienced specialists will assist you in selecting the right asbestos replacement. 

Whether you need gasketing for a "Shell & Tube" exchanger, a "Fintube," of a "Fin Fan Cooler," KLINGER IGI, Inc. has the knowledge and experience to supply you with the correct gasket every time.

No application is more critical or demanding than the Coke & Drum gasket. A failure of the bottom head gasket can result in serious injury to personnel and possibly a structure fire. 

KLINGER IGI, Inc. products and materials are environmentally sound and CERTIFIED to meet (and exceed) government requirements. KLINGER IGI, Inc. recommends materials that are best suited for your specific application, and we provide your company with the most reliable and cost effective seals. Even if the seals are not consistent throughout the industry, KLINGER IGI, Inc. will custom manufacture anything you need.

KLINGER IGI, Inc.'s commitment to our customers is legendary. You will be supported at every turn with: